What's Happening at Buckleys!


Our Bar has had massive face lift!

The Main Bar, Bistro Bar and Gaming Bar have had a massive renovation to bring it into 2020!

With classy and elegant finishes and a vision screen our bar will be the envy of all others - somewhere we can all enjoy!

Check out our website and social media for updates and pics!


Another great feature we now have  is the ability to book your table online!

Not sure if you're ready to go out... you can safely check our availability from your phone and book a table when you're ready. 

You'll see our availability in real-time... ANYTIME!  

Something else we're been working on to improve your experience at Buckleys! 

A Kids Room to Beat All Kids Rooms

At Buckleys we understand the importance of family and keeping the kids happy!  At Buckleys we have one of the largest indoor kids playzones for our dining customers - with aspects of play for all different ages!  This is a winner with both parents & kids! 

Kids parties available!  Click the link above for more info!